The Encore Bears program offers a “matching service” function to connect campus managers with available staff retiree candidates in the Encore Bears pool. Hiring managers will conduct interviews, manage hiring decisions and follow existing retiree rehire approval procedures consistent with current practice. Central Human Resources staff will continue to manage the retiree rehire approval process including securing retiree rehire approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.

Hiring managers may send an inquiry or job description for a temporary position they are seeking to fill to

Encore Bears will identify retiree candidates in the pool with the experience and skills best aligned with the job description provided by the hiring manager. The hiring manager will then receive the relevant materials to consider possible candidates including the retiree’s Encore Bears application, references and resume.

Please note that the salary level for a retiree rehire is not the salary held at the time of the retiree’s retirement but will be aligned with the job responsibilities of the rehire position. The hiring manager’s CSS-HR Partner can assist with determining the appropriate salary level for the rehire position.

Consistent with current practice, the completed rehired retiree packet must be submitted to your HR partner who can assist with the hiring process, including obtaining the approval of Central Human Resources. Required documents include the following:

  • Retired Employee Approval Form, UBEN 138
  • UC Berkeley Supplement to the Retired Employee Approval Form, UBEN 138
  • Job Description
  • Completed UCRP Rehired Retiree Election Form, UBEN 1039

The CSS-HR Partner reviews the packet for accuracy and proper department signature before forwarding to the Rehire Retiree email address at:

For further information about the retiree rehire process, click here.

To learn more about Regents Policy 7706 – Reemployment of UC Retired Employees into Senior Management Group and Staff Positions, click here.

You may also read the Returning to UC Employment After Retirement Fact Sheet.

Several key features of the Regents Policy 7706 for rehired retirees include:

  • The appointment must be approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.
  • The appointment is the equivalent of 43% time over a 12-month period.
  • The appointment may be renewed for a 12-month period with a demonstrated business need.
  • Appointments exceeding 24 months are exceptions to policy and must be re-approved by the Chancellor.
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